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What is & how does it work? is the best way to find real consumer reviews based on real lawsuits. A free site developed for consumers and businesses to provide real reviews of companies in accordance to actual lawsuits. No more fake reviews, unknown posts, or reviews done by paid PR sites that provide a useless rating systems based on what they see fit without having any experience with that entity, and eliminating fake reviews based on "monthly" PAID memberships. What other review sites fail to provide, does.

How to Post a Case/Review: Simply click on "Submit My Case", "Sign in or Register", & follow the instructions. All you need is your case title and case number. You can also ask questions and make comments on all cases.

How to search: Just like a search engine, simply insert the company or entity you are doing research on and will try to locate lawsuits filed against them with a consumer review based on the outcome of the case (Lawsuit Star rating). If no case is listed, the entity you are searching is free and clear of legal actions within's database. You can request the team of to conduct an hard docket search against that business, or you can post your public case with a review to help other U.S. consumers make better decisions. Your case is public information, you would not be held liable and it will not jeopordize your case, so let it shine with a review! (all you need is a case title & your case/pending number).

What is the benefit of using


Your about to purchase an expensive item, hire a costly service, venture into a new partnership with another business, or simply want to see if the contractor, mechanic, attorney, and website you are about to use has been sued by other consumers/businesses. This is where provides you with a powerful tool that no other review site provides. shows you filed cases posted by consumers/businesses with real reviews.

Why should I post my case?


The site is designed with only one core value in mind and that's to protect you by providing real information based on lawsuits backed by real reviews. When you file a lawsuit, it becomes public information. By posting your case on you help your fellow consumers, your neighbors, friends, and honest businesses nationwide. Please understand that all cases are public record, so posting your case online will NOT jeopordize your case. 

Why - Review Sites & PR firms vs.



Why? because no BUSINESS can pay to remove a VALID court document supported by an HONEST review. While other sites provide (1) useless rating system based on what they see fit within an industry standard without any major experience with that business (2) completely unreliable by using random individuals in providing good, the bad and the ugly reviews that may have been created by a false email address/usersname and (3) as long as monthly/yearly memberships dues are paid, an A+ rating remains. does none of the above.

How many times have you reviewed a company with hundreds of negative complaints online but they still maintain an A+ Rating?

Below is an image and public information from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You will see an example of a popular company who's name shall be conceled which has over 429 complaints as of 02/2014, but they still maintain their A+ rating (the company below does have multiple lawsuits against them within CaseTree's database). This brings a question in mind. Are these firms protecting the consumer or deepening their pockets and business relationshipts? However when you contact the BBB, they indicate that because of this companies industry type and or high level of customers an A+ rating is accessed (what they fail to indicate is the lack of experience or lawsuits against them).

         We're not making any accusations or pointing fingers. The BBB is a legitamate firm and has done good in the past. We just want to provide you with a new tool that shows supporting concrete evidence to help you in your decision making process.

What are Lawsuit Stars?


It's a business, we understand! There will be issues where a consumer is may not fully be satisfied, but it is the ethical standard of that business to try to resolve any issues professionally to avoid being sued. We have developed a star rating system called "Lawsuit Stars". This allows the consumer/business suing to rate their overall lawsuit experience. An hones business/defendant can do right and settle/resolve the issue and receive 5/5 Lawsuit Stars, showing other consumers that they took matters seriously; or receive 1/5 stars representing no communication, perjury during trial, failure to appear, etc. 

Can I be sued for posting my case?


No! You cannot be sued for posting a public legal U.S. lawsuit along with or without your honest review/comment. If this was the case than all these reviews sites with little or no filters would be shut down. With you’re better protected because your reviews/comments/opinions are backed up with a legal lawsuits.  Since all lawsuits are public record, your case might already be within our database. 

Can the business I am suing be able to remove my case?


NO! All lawsuits are public record and once filed in any U.S. Courthouse, it cannot be removed unless otherwise removed by the court of law.

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