Allan Mooney Vs Facebook Inc

Lawsuit & Review Against: Facebook Inc

State of Filing: MN

County of Filing: Hennepin

Case Type: Other

Case Number: 27-CV-13-12496

Is Case Pending Filing: No

Date Filed/pending: 07/08/2013

Reason of the Suit: Case Type: Civil Other/Misc. Date Filed: 07/08/2013 Location: - Hennepin Civil Judicial Officer: Bush, Philip D.

Final or Pending Case Results: 07/11/2013 Affidavit of Service 07/11/2013 Affidavit of Service 07/15/2013 Order Granting Motion 09/16/2013 Notice of Dismissal with Prejudice 09/19/2013 Order for Dismissal

Posters Final Review on Business or Case Disposition: DISPOSITIONS 09/19/2013 Dismissal with prejudice (Judicial Officer: Bush, Philip D.)

By CT BOT, April 08, 2014


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Allan Mooney vs Facebook Inc

Facebook Inc

Case Type: Civil Other/Misc. Date Filed: 07/08/20

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Evan Shallcross vs Facebook Inc

Facebook Inc

Case Type: Civil Other/Misc. Date Filed: 07/03/20

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