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Lawsuit Against Ciserro

Case Against: Muath Zghoul/ Ciserro - San Mateo, Ca.

State of Filing: CA

Country of Filing: San Mateo

Reason of the Suit: Non Payment of salary/work done.

By Dean Clarke, May 31, 2019


Civic Center Inn Crackheads

Case Against: Civic Center Inn

State of Filing: CA

Country of Filing: San Francisco

Reason of the Suit: Hotel failed to honor reservation and ran off with $3000

By Mark Ingraham, May 07, 2019


L A Fitness Gross Negligence

Case Against: L A Fitness

State of Filing: MD

Country of Filing: Baltimore

Reason of the Suit: Gross negligence

By Dizhann Smith, March 21, 2019


Xpo Delivery Damaged Brand New House Door Frame

Case Against: Xpo Logistics

State of Filing: NJ

Country of Filing: Middlesex

Reason of the Suit: Damaged my door while delivering Refrigerator. I have contacted the Manager, asst Manager, CEO, and The XPO contractor admitted fault but no one follows thru with promised to fix my door.

By Amrit SIngh, October 30, 2018


Platinum Preferred Financial Group Fraud's Disable Veteran

Case Against: Platinum Preferred Financial Group

State of Filing: NJ

Country of Filing: Bergen

Reason of the Suit: I purchased a commercial lending company"business in a box" and the owner of this company gave me a contract stating access to commercial lenders, business coaching for a lifetime and training, which he never delivered. I also invested in one of his clients for a undisclosed amount of money with a promise of a 90 day ROI and he never delivered and then stop answering my calls.

By TONI TOPPS, October 11, 2018


Poor Fencing Job

Case Against: Sp Custom Fencing

State of Filing: NC

Country of Filing: Rockingham

Reason of the Suit: Paid $4,300 for a fence. Fence is horrible. It was supposed to be for Police dogs. Fencing company cashed checks and will not respond. We had to redo the fence ourselves. Also hit my septic line while digging and is refusing to repair it. We ordered heavy duty farm fence and they installed cheap garden fence.

By Birgit Hall, September 24, 2018



Case Against: Citibank

State of Filing: AZ

Country of Filing: Yavapai


By ARTHUR L FINN, December 10, 2017


Hamilton Versus Car Champs

Case Against: Car Champs

State of Filing: CA

Country of Filing: Riverside

Reason of the Suit: I've had issues with this car company for the last 2 years the first car that I purchased from them was a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica I only have the car maybe five months and the transmission went out and they did not want to give me my money back and it kept telling me Oh we can't fix it didn't you have to take it to the dealership and everything like that well excuse me I was making payments on the car which was $299 k they took the car back they ended up finding me a 2004 Toyota Avalon from the auction I have the contract for that and everything now my issue is I can't get my car registered through Car Champs I need to get my car registered so I can have a vehicle to go back and forth to work I'm having issues with this okay I have put in almost $22,000 into the car between the first car had in this car about $2,500 and I still can't get my registration through the DMV because they have not transferred over any of the name on the contract into my name and then I don't know who the finance company is I'm sending payments but who am I sending them to the company that I keep calling long profolio I don't think they're even answering the phone anymore so basically I'll almost pay you might as well say $6,000 on this car for the last 2 years

By Lyndaisha Hamilton, December 06, 2017

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