Candis Mckelvy Vs Midas Auto Service Experts #9

Lawsuit & Review Against: Midas Auto Service Experts #9

State of Filing: MN

County of Filing: Hennepin

Case Type: Small Claim

Case Number: 27-CO-13-4115

Is Case Pending Filing: No

Date Filed/pending: 05/31/2013

Reason of the Suit: Case Type: Conciliation Date Filed: 05/31/2013 Location: - Hennepin Civil

Final or Pending Case Results: 06/07/2013 Affidavit of Service 07/17/2013 Conciliation Hearing (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Berris, Marc S.) Result: Held 07/17/2013 Order for Judgment (Judicial Officer: Berris, Marc S. )

Posters Final Review on Business or Case Disposition: DISPOSITIONS 07/17/2013 Judgment (Judicial Officer: Berris, Marc S.)

By Josh Alberts, April 08, 2014


More Cases Against: Midas Auto Service Experts #9

Candis McKelvy vs Midas Auto Service Experts #9

Midas Auto Service Experts #9

Case Type: Conciliation Date Filed: 05/31/2013 L

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