Non Payment Of Work Done (software Contractor)

Lawsuit & Review Against: Ciserro Corp Inc/ Muath Zghoul/ Musab Zghoul

State of Filing: CA

County of Filing: San Mateo

Case Type: Small Claim

Case Number: 19SCS00789

Is Case Pending Filing: No

Date Filed/pending: 06/06/2019

Reason of the Suit: They haven't paid their outstanding bills after I resigned the 30th April, 2019 (30 days notice - May 30, 2019 final day). They have not paid me from March 30th, 2019.

Final or Pending Case Results: Pending

Posters Final Review on Business or Case Disposition: The case number is available here, you can search the San Mateo Superior Court Website using case #19SCS00789. I've also attached an image of the case here for your perusal. They constantly violate employment contract dating back to July, 2018. For the most part, they constantly pay late or miss my salary altogether until I got fed up and resigned. When they are going to pay late, they do not have the decency to update me, as I have to constantly contact them to find out if I'll be paid per my contract dates (bi-weekly). I tried making arrangements with them to pay monthly and still my payments have been missed. I spoke to the COO Natalie Markoff after resigning about their outstanding bills and she assured me I would be paid at the end of my notice period. Then I was sent another email (couple days before the end of my notice period) by the CEO Muath Zghoul that I wouldn't be paid the full amount but, only $1000 a month until my balance is cleared ($10,620.00). This is extremely unacceptable as this highlight the unprofessionalism, lack of ethics and commitment by this company. At one point, I tried calling their office phone many times which my calls were ignored and at one point, I had the phone hung up in my ears. Tried sending them emails, they do not respond. I strongly believe they do not want to pay as I'm a contractor outside the United States and they believe it's difficult for me to sue. To date (June 17, 2019), Muath Zhgoul/Ciserro Corp hasn't even paid one dime to me.

Address: 1720 S Amphlett Blvd Ste. 255

City: San Mateo

State: CA

Zip: 94402

Telephone: 1 650-645-9790


By Dean Clarke, June 16, 2019


More Cases Against: Ciserro Corp Inc/ Muath Zghoul/ Musab Zghoul

Non Payment of work done (software contractor)

Ciserro Corp Inc/ Muath Zghoul/ Musab Zghoul

They haven't paid their outstanding bills after I

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