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Stand Out

Lawsuit Free Business Owners Introduction

In todays market, consumers nationwide want better information on the business they are planning to use for their next major purchase, home projects, local services, business partnership, etc.

Therefore, we came up with a simple but yet a powerful equation:


REVIEW SITES + = Higher Sales

REVIEW SITES + = Higher Sales

Case Study Conducted

In a local case study conducted in Los Angeles, California (Van Nuys, CA April 2014 USPS location):

9 out of 10 consumer: prefer a better detailed information on businesses rather than just a common review on costly projects.

9 out of 10 consumer: prefer using a business with high reviews, ratings, and lawsuit free.

9 out of 10 consumer: will highly recommend and use freely to receive real information, reviews, and to filter out lawsuit free businesses.


Business Member Testimonials: Dear CaseTree thank you so much for this great tool. As a local business for 18 years, we have had several bad reviews and some fake ones as well. However, with CaseTree we have been able to show our current consumers that although we have had some bad reviews we have not had any lawsuits filed against us! We have seen an increase of 20% - 30% in sales. Tom Bernard, Los Angeles, CA (CaseTree's business members gains consumer confidence).

Consumer Testimonials: Thank you! I was about to hire a known Yellow Pages electrician with great reviews online. After using this tool, I found out that there are two pending cases in Arizona against them for defective services/breach of contract. Jessica H. Pima, AZ. (consumer used CaseTree to choose the right lawsuit free business).