Douglas J Crawford Vs. J P Morgan Chase Bank N A

Lawsuit & Review Against: J P Morgan Chase Bank N A

State of Filing: CA

County of Filing: Ventura

Case Type: Small Claim

Case Number: 56-2014-00447484-SC-SC-VTA

Is Case Pending Filing: No

Date Filed/pending: 01/16/2014

Reason of the Suit: Plaintiff's Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court filed by Crawford, Douglas J on 01/16/2014. Filed by:Crawford, Douglas J (Plaintiff) Refers to:J P Morgan Chase Bank N A(Defendant)

Final or Pending Case Results: The Court orders the following cases consolidated for all purposes: 56-2014-447484-SC-SC-VTA Crawford v JP Morgan Chase Bank. The Court designates 56-2012-426563-CU-BC-VTA Crawford v Kohli as the lead case and all further documents must be filed under the case number and caption of the lead case.

Posters Final Review on Business or Case Disposition: 56-2014-00447484-SC-SC-VTA consolidated with lead case 56-2012-00426563-CU-BC-VTA on 02/24/2014.

Address: Agent for Service of Process: C T CORPORATION SYSTEM 818 WEST SEVENTH ST 2ND FL

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip: 90017


By Josh Alberts, May 06, 2014


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Douglas J Crawford vs. J P Morgan Chase Bank N A

J P Morgan Chase Bank N A

Plaintiff's Claim and Order to go to Small Claims

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