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CaseTree.com is a site developed by consumers for consumers by providing real reviews of companies in accordance to actual lawsuits filed against them.

Our main focus, and the foundation of CaseTree.com, is to eliminate fake reviews, negligent online posts and PAID PR sites by showing consumers and businesses actual lawsuits filed against the entity you are about to use. No more fake reviews from strangers or worse, paid PR companies that provide a useless rating system based on what they see fit without any experience with that entity, or a rating based their on-time "monthly" PAID membership.

When a consumer or a business files a lawsuit against another business, it's basically at that final point where a resolution wasn’t achieved, and therefore, a lawsuit was needed (this is the ultimate review of that business). This is where known PR companies and online review sites fail to investigate and report. A bad business can have an A+ Rating, yet have dozens of lawsuits filed against them that consumers would like to know.

How does CaseTree.com work?

Just like a search engine, simply insert the company or entity you are doing research on and CaseTree.com will try to locate lawsuits filed against them with a consumer review based on the outcome of the case (Lawsuit Star rating). If no case is listed, the entity you are searching is free and clear of legal actions within CaseTree.com's database. You can request the team of CaseTree.com to conduct an hard docket search against that business, or you can post your public case with a review to help other U.S. consumers make better decisions. Your case is public information, you would not be held liable and it will not jeopordize your case, so let it shine with a review! (all you need is a case title & your case/pending number).

Benefits of CaseTree.com

Let's say you want to hire a contractor for a $25,000 project, or a reputable business wants to partner-up or hire another business for a high profile project and wants a detailed/real review. This is where CaseTree.com provides you with a report on that entity by showing the lawsuits filed against them along with consumers review on the outcome of the case. CaseTree.com is not your ordinary restaurant-quality review site, however it will show you if that restaurant you’re about to dine has been sued for food poising, personal injuries (slip and fall), wrongful charges, property damages (valet parking), etc.

Other Benefits of CaseTree.com

  • Validation for your case (compare and contrast)
  • Real business report and legal background
  • Real information you can use
  • No fake reviews, articles, or ratings based on membership fees
  • No membership fees
  • Understanding and observing the real behavior of a business
  • No business buyout or modifications of a REAL case
  • Getting the attention of the business owner to settle
  • A community where you can post your case and review on a business and much more...

Business owners also take matters more seriously when consumers indicate they are going to file a lawsuit and post their case on CaseTree.com for all to see. A real review backed by a lawsuit will get any company/business owner’s attention!

Use CaseTree.com freely for REAL REVIEWS based on REAL LAWSUITS.

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